Several DFDD players have asked for a way to play with more than just 2 people. Whether it's a Free-For-All, or opposing teams, there have been lots of requests for a way to play DFDD with larger groups. In other Battle Card Games a game with more than 2 players is called a Battle Royale, and DFDD borrows that term for simplicity's sake. The rules that follow are changes, or extensions, of the regular rules for DFDD Reloaded. These rules are not for beginners, and they are meant to be used with Full Decks only. Micro Decks just aren't big enough to support these games.

Main Rules

When you draw your starting hand, the amount of cards you draw depends of the number of opponents you are playing against. If you are playing against 1 or 2 opponents, draw 4 cards + 3 cards per opponent. If you are playing against 3 or 4 opponents, draw 6 cards + 2 cards per opponent. If you are playing against more than 4 opponents, draw 10 cards + 1 card per opponent.

At the start of each turn, you draw 1 card + 1 card for each opponent left in the game, up to a maximum of 5 cards.

If, during your turn, one of your opponents runs out of Demons and is defeated, you can't deal any more damage or Infect any more Demons during that turn. If you try, the attack that would break the rule does nothing and your turn ends instantly (This doesn't skip the step where you un-turn your Powerups, increase Infect damage, and remove Stunning).

Team Rules

If there are Teams in the Battle Royale, whichever team has the least number of players automatically goes first. If there is a 2-way tie, use a coin flip to decide. If the tie is more than 2-way, whoever is willing to discard the most cards from his starting hand can do so in order to get the first turn. If you can find a different way to break the tie, you can use that instead. After this, turns go clockwise from team to team.

A team can change which order its players take their turns in freely, but all the team members must take their turns before the next team takes theirs. Team members are allowed to look at each other's hands, but they are not allowed to play their cards on teammates' fields. The players on a team do not un-turn their Powerups until the whole team has finished their turns, but players are allowed to turn the un-turned Powerups of teammates that have already finished their turns. Throwing Weapons between team members is not allowed.

When all the players remaining in the game are on the same team, that team wins.