DFDD Reloaded is a card game that you can print out from your home computer.

DFDD Reloaded is still a work in progress. If you keep coming back, you can see the changes made to DFDD Reloaded and take advantage of them as you continue to play. The rules of the game are explained in the tutorial. The tutorial isn't perfect, so feel free to Email your questions to me until I can design a better one. You can find the Gameplay E-mail address on the Contact page.

DFDD Reloaded is a Battle Card Game. If you have played Pokémon, Magic, or Yu-Gi-Oh (all ®), then you will be familiar with the style of play. Two players, each with their own deck of cards, play the game to try and defeat their opponent's cards.

The big difference between DFDD Reloaded and the other Battle Card Games is that DFDD Reloaded is free. All you have to pay for is the cardstock and printer ink to print out the cards you want. In the other Battle Card Games, you usually have to go to a game store and buy all the cards, paying lots of extra money to get good enough cards to win a game. All the cards in DFDD Reloaded are equal, so the only way to get a stronger deck is to pick cards that work together.

Click here to download the New Tutorials. You will need Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer to view the Tutorials.

Alternately, you can click here to download the original Tutorials, which aren't as detailed but come with a few Micro Decks.