DFDD Reloaded comes from a card game that I and a friend started somewhere around 2002. We called the game Demons From a Different Dimension, and we soon started referring to it as DFDD. It was a very simple game, made entirely in Microsoft PowerPoint®. The cards looked like this:

This game was the forerunner of DFDD Reloaded. The cards were smaller, they only had EP, the Powerups could be used immediately after play, there were cards that you could play on their own, there weren’t any special attacks, etc. It was simple, but fun, and the game expanded over the course of 2 years to include over 100 different cards, including 10 elements, 5 special conditions, and eventually an expanded edition that added Elder Demons (they were just another upgrade at the time, rather than the complex, berserk Elders of DFDD Reloaded).
After DFDD had been around for about 2 years, I tried to take it further. I developed an expansion called Genesis that added several new dimensions to gameplay. It had a set of new Powerups, called Genesis Powerups, of which only one could be played per turn. Each Genesis Powerup was three times as strong as an ordinary Powerup, allowing for a more delayed but more devastating punch. Several new Demons sprung up to take advantage of the added power, Demons such as the Plasma Demon and the Ethereal. In reaching their Ancient level, they took advantage of another new type of card, the Special Substance, which was a Powerup that you could only have one of at a time, but was also three times as powerful, nine when the card was a Genesis Special Substance! On top of all this, the Genesis Edition had a much more in-depth plot than the original DFDD. However, after only three decks were printed, I had a data crisis and lost the entire Genesis Edition. Frustrated, I put DFDD aside and waited for inspiration. One year went by.
Eventually, I started to look back at the earlier work of DFDD in detail, in the hopes of motivating myself to work more on the original DFDD. Instead, I came up with another edition, called DFDD Reborn. DFDD Reborn recycled the gameplay of DFDD, but it was a complete style re-design. The cards looked like this now:

As you can see, this is where the borders in DFDD Reloaded cards come from. DFDD Reborn cards looked sort of like what they were, but the Demons were made out of the elemental polygons that they contain. A few new rules appeared with DFDD Reborn. The first was the addition of four new special conditions, bringing the total up to nine. The second was the addition of Spell cards, which were the forerunners of Special Attacks. Certain Demons from the Reborn edition had attacks that played a Spell card and then shuffled it into your deck for later use. DFDD Reborn had a grand total of exactly 100 cards.
As I was working on some of the last few cards for DFDD Reborn (they weren’t intended to be the last at the time), I took a look at everything I had made so far… and I noticed that something was wrong. Even though the game was fun, I had made some mistakes. The Upgrade cards weren’t as powerful as they should have been. Some of the Special Conditions were too powerful. And I had made some cards that couldn’t be beaten because they had ways to block all incoming attacks!
I spent a few more years without doing anything for DFDD or DFDD Reborn. There wasn’t any way to fix the entire game. About 1 year later, I decided to give up on the original DFDD. If I was going to keep working, I would just have to redesign the game from the ground up. I threw out the cards that could be used on their own. I reduced the EP of all the Standard Demons, but I gave them Reflex and Hands to increase their attacking power while limiting the amount of attacks they could use. I made each Upgrade double the Demon’s power. I added in Special Attack cards to give Demons more options. I re-drew everything with complicated vectors, as opposed to the PowerPoint® vectors I had used before. And then I made the biggest change of all: I added Weapons.
I called the new game DFDD Reloaded.