November 4, 2012:  Added the Elder Poison Demon, which uses some of the new art style.
September 3, 2012:  Added the Ice Lancer and the Frost Impacter, two new Special Weapons that use CryoCanisters, a new kind of Ammo. All three cards use new art.
August 24, 2012:  Hiatus over! Added a page of Special Edition Ash Demons to show off the newer art style. Look for more in the future!
May 27, 2012:  Added the Ancient Hunger Demon and added a new Special Attack for any Hunger Demon called Predator Instincts. Also fixed a typo on the Snow Demon's card page.
April 8, 2011:  Hid another card on the website. Happy Easter!
April 1, 2012:  April Fools! The new Special Condition was just made up. The real Elder Earth Demon is now available, as are the real Special Attacks for Aluminum Demons and Hunger Demons.
March 13, 2012:  Added the Ancient Snow Demon and the Ballistic Chainer, a new Special Weapon that uses Galvanized Bullets. Also re-balanced Corporeal Transposition (a Special Attack used by Steam, Mist, and Ash Demons).
December 19, 2011:  Fixed a typo on the Changeling Demon's half-Lead form, and added a new special attack for Bronze Demons.
December 17, 2011:  Added the Essential Bronze Demon. Also added four new forms to the Changeling Demon, and fixed the element order on the Elder Dust Demon.
November 6, 2011:  Added the Bronze Demon (Earth + Metal).
October 6, 2011:  Added some new Special Attacks for the Ancient Iron Demon called the Chaos series. These cards are a throwback to the Chaos powers from the original DFDD. Also hid another card on the website.
September 25, 2011:  Added the Ancient Iron Demon, as well as a new Weapon that uses Light Bullets called the Prometheus. Also hid another card on the website.
July 14, 2011:  Added the Lead Demon (Poison + Metal), as well as a new Special Attack called Winds of Fate that any Demon can use.
May 15, 2011:  Added the Essential Aluminum Demon, and fixed a typo on the Tandem Handgun.
April 2, 2011:  Added the Battle Royale page to the website. View it here.
April 1, 2011:  April Fools! All the Weapons were given Energy Points and Elements so that they could be attacked like Demons. The April Fool's Day cards aren't supposed to be used in an actual game, but you can download them here if you really want to.
March 7, 2011:  Added a new kind of Ammo for a new Special Weapon: the Tandem Handgun!
February 17, 2011:  Added the Ancient Fire Demon, and changed the order of the Hurricane Blade's attacks to make it easier to catch (see the previous update).
January 22, 2011:  Added the Hurricane Blade, which uses Pressure Canisters.
January 10, 2011:  Added the Essential Hunger Demon, as well as a new Special Attack called Frozen Treasure.
December 15, 2010:  Added the Essential Jet Demon. Also fixed a typo on the Essential Iron Demon. The Powerup text for the second attack now matches the Powerup images.
November 14, 2010:  Added the Aluminum Demon (Metal + Wind).
October 31, 2010:  Added the Elder Steam Demon, and the Elder Dust Demon. Happy Halloween, and have fun being destroyed by your own Demons!
October 1, 2010:  Added a new kind of Ammo for a new Special Weapon: the Singularity Shooter! This Weapon also uses Reactant Lodestones.
September 11, 2010:  Added the Essential Plaster Demon.
July 26, 2010:  Another big one: Added the Essential Steel Demon, as well as a new Special Attack for any Demon, and a new Special Attack for Copper Demons. Also fixed a typo on Final Stance, the special attack for the Ancient Magma Demon, and adjusted the titles of all the Powerups for readability.
July 19, 2010:  This is a big one: Added a Special Edition Magma Demon, added a Special Attack for the Ancient Magma Demon, and added a new kind of Ammo for the first-ever Special Weapon: the Ballistic Repeater!
July 16, 2010:  Added the Essential Copper Demon.
July 8, 2010:  Added the Copper Demon (Metal + Fire).
June 21, 2010:  Added the Steel Demon (Metal + Rock), as well as a new Special Attack for Standard Demons called Gilded Shield. Also added the web address to the card backs, including the bonus ones in the Tutorial Package.
June 16, 2010:  Added Storm Compacting, a Special Attack for Snow Demons, and re-named the Essential Snow Demon's first physical attack to Plow Gust. It used to be called Torrent, but the Essential Smog Demon has an attack by that name, and it's completely different.
May 29, 2010:  Added the Essential Snow Demon, fixed the borders on the Banner, and fixed a small typo in the Change Log.
May 16, 2010:  Added the Elder Ice Demon! Also revealed the hidden Ammo type, and gave it a new Weapon. The Ammo is called Nanotech Bombs.
April 19, 2010:  Added the Napalm Shotgun, which uses Chemical Capsules. Also fixed the card page for the Water Demon.
April 17, 2010:  Added Frozen Vapor, a Special Attack for Ice Demons, as well as Overdrive Stabilizer, a Special Attack for Iron Demons.
April 13, 2010:  Finally added the Ancient Ice Demon. Man, it took forever to draw it!
March 22, 2010:  Added the Crystal Demon (Metal + Ice), and changed the text on all cards that search a player's deck for something to explicitly state that you need to shuffle your deck afterwards. Also fixed the Miscellaneous Special Attacks, which was missing Black Lightning, a card that has been around for a few months.
March 17, 2010:  Added the Essential Iron Demon, and a new Weapon for a new kind of Ammo. It's hidden on the website, if you know where to look...
March 16, 2010:  Added the Iron Demon (Metal + Water), and touched up the site's banners. The Essential Iron Demon is coming soon...
March 13, 2010:  Finally posted the New Tutorials! Coming up next: Iron Demon.
December 21, 2009:  Hid the Christmas Ornament on the website.
November 1, 2009:  Added the Ancient Earth Demon, the Ancient Magma Demon, and the Metal Powerup. Yeah, I know I'm teasing you, but I wanted to get these posted and out of the way while I worked on the new Tutorials.
October 28, 2009:  Finished the new Website design. Next to come are the new Tutorials, so keep an eye out for them!
October 24, 2009:  Added the Ancient Cavern Demon. I’m going to work on re-designing the website over the next few days, so it may be some time before the next card comes out. The new version of the website should not only look better, but load faster.
October 15, 2009:  Added the Elder Water Demon!
October 7, 2009:  Added the Elder Rock Demon, the very first Elder Demon in DFDD Reloaded. More will be coming soon...
September 24, 2009:  Added the Battery Bracer, which uses Reactant Lodestones, and added a new Special Attack for the Rotary Demon, and another one for the Essential Rock Demon. Also, I noticed that the Contact page is still out of date (I thought I fixed that...), so I fixed the E-mail addresses.
September 11, 2009:  It took me a while to get through all my non-DFDD work, but I did manage to add two new Miscellaneous Special Attacks, a new Special Attack for Mist Demons, and even a Special Attack for the Changeling Demon!
August 28, 2009:  Added the Cyclone Shield, which uses Pressure Canisters, and fixed a whole bunch of typos (Every Powerup, Soul-Body Connection, and the half-Ash Changeling Demon), and fixed the border of the Special Edition Dust Demon. It sure was a busy week.
August 19, 2009:  Fixed the Ancient Smog Demon (but it was the only Ancient that needed fixing), added two new Special Attacks (one for the Jet Demon and one for the Plaster Demon), and added the Poison Gas Sprayer, which uses Chemical Capsules.
August 16, 2009:  Fixed all of the Essential Demons (except Smog and Cavern), and fixed the Tutorial and Micro Decks that went with it. Sorry, but you’ll need to re-print your Essential Demons. At least they’re all fixed now.
August 19, 2009:  Added the Ancient Smog Demon, and fixed a balance issue with Essential Smog and Cavern Demons. Looks like I need to do some more...
August 19, 2009:  Added the Hunger Demon(Ice + Poison), and added a new Weapon for a new type of Ammo called Reactant Lodestones.
July 31, 2009:  Added the Essential Cavern Demon, and added Appendage Combination (a new special attack for Smog Demons).
July 27, 2009:  Added Instant Ignition (a new special attack for the Fire Demon), and added three new forms to the Changeling Demon.
July 25, 2009:  Added the Essential Mist Demon, and added a new Weapon for a new type of Ammo called Pressure Canisters.
July 24, 2009:  Added Composite Elements (a new special attack for the Essential Earth Demon), and added Biological Toxins (a new special attack for Acid Demons).
July 21, 2009:  Fixed a balance issue with the Essential Magma Demon, changed Cylindrical Psionics (a special attack for the Rock Demon), and added Advanced Coordination (a new special attack for the Rock Demon).
July 10, 2009:  The Change Log was created for the original Website.